KME Special Products & Solutions GmbH ( is the world’s leading manufacturer of semi finished Copper and Copper alloy products with deep roots in the industrial history of several European countries. KME is today a united and competitive enterprise, a leader on an international scale.

The industrial concern boasts of 14 production sites strategically located in 5 European countries as well as in Asia. With sales network spread over 5 continents, KME is fully able to satisfy the needs of its customers on a global scale.

The KME Group has a worldwide network of mould service stations with state of the art workshops capable of carrying out all necessary mould maintenance under one roof. Apart from our very own AMC® coating process, the mould service stations are also capable of repair / re-conditioning of mould plates including all activities involved with mould maintenance. The mould service stations work using the same uncompromising standards of the KME Group to ensure trouble free operation of moulds. KME offers an unique combination of expertise and experience in all key technologies for the production of high performance moulds for continuous casting.

Mishima Kosan Co. Ltd.(, founded in 1916, has set its mind on the diversification since the beginning of the late 1950s, continually pushing the envelope of what they are capable of doing to create and develop new technologies.

As a result, Mishima Kosan Co. Ltd (MK) has succeeded in acquiring a high level of technology and technical experts in a wide range of fields from steel and chemicals to ceramics, machinery, electrical, aerospace and automobiles.

MK, the top manufacturer of continuous casting moulds in Japan, enjoys more than 70% share of the domestic market in this field and is now actively developing the overseas market as well. MK specializes in the design and manufacturing for Continuous Casting Mold, which is a key part of steel continuous casting process in which process the refined molten steel is continuously solidified.

MK started the mould business in 1968 by providing chrome plating for the inside walls of the billet CC mould for Yawata Steel Works of Nippon Steel Corporation.

In 1971, MK first developed the thick nickel plating technique for CC moulds and successfully put it into practical usage within Japan. In the subsequent 40 years, as a front runner of this industry, MK were continuously striving to make contribution for prolonging of the mould lifetime and improving the quality of the cast pieces.